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Digital Signing Signer.Digital.WebLib .NET Integration Source Code Explained
NOTE: Signer.Digital Browser Extension is completely free for unlimited uses.
NOTE: This section is for Software Developers. If you are looking for ready to use software solution, please Contact Us.
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Download the sample .NET Integration Project for Signer.Digital.Weblib with complete Source Code.
STEP 1: Web browser triggers the request to (generate) and sign PDF File.
Ref Code File: MVC Project - \Views\index.cshtml -     function InitiateSignPDF()
InitiateSignePDF() method checks for SD Extension, and calls
//Call method from Extension SignerDigital to get Selected Certificate Subject and SerialNumber
            SignerDigital.getSelectedCertificate()  - use stored CertThumbprint as optional param to select certificate silently.
On Success, above method returns CertInfo
Further to this, JavaScript calls ServerAction with CertInfo.SelCertSubject and 'sdHubConnectionId' as parameter
Note: If you want signing on page load, especially Web Forms developers, do not code anything in Page_Load on server side, instead, use window.onload or body onload events to call InitiateSignPDF() Javascript function.
SETP 2: Action method on Server processes PDF File and Returns Signed File
Ref Code File: MVC Project - \Controllers\HomeController.cs
Action method SignPDF recives SelCertSubject and SDHubConnectionId as post parameters
Create instance of Class SDSignerWeb by injecting SDHubConnectionId (from library Signer.Digital.Weblib.dll)
Build PDFSignatureAppearence object pdfSAP using method GetPDFSignatureAppearence()
           //Call actual method to sign from Signer.Digital.Weblib - SdSignerWeb.SignPDFFromBrowser
           //=========== Method for Signing is just one line of code !!! =================================
           txnResp = await SdSignerWeb.SignPDFFromBrowser(sourcefile, pdfSAP, "", "", "", SelCertSubject);
On Success, above method returns byte array of signed pdf file in SignedPDFFile property of response object.
SETP 3: Display Return response in ajax call in JavaScript method InitiateSignPDF()
success: function (data) {
                   //Signing Operation Completed
The actual working of this project is illustrated here
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