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Welcome to Signer.Digital
Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CISPL) is market leader in India’s Taxation Products and PKI Digital Signature domain. Signer.Digital will enable Digital Signing from different sources with multiple signing profiles running as Service.  The usages scenarios for simplest cases to most complex cases has been kept in mind while designing Signer.Digital.
Use Cases and Signing Scenarios
Selection of Digital Signature solution and components depends broadly on 3 things:
Integration Options
Signer.Digital have below Integration Options:
1. Bridge Application - Signer.Digital Server and Signer.Digital Console - .NET 4.6
2. .NET Library - .NET 4.6
3. .NET Library - .NET Core 3.1
4. Java Library - Java 8
5. REST API in Signer.Digital.Webserver with Web Console - .NET Core 2.1
6. SOAP API in Signer.Digital Server - .NET 4.6
7. Signer.Digital.WebLib - .NET 4.6 for web based signing (Available FREE for Single page signing)
8. Signer.Digital.JavaWebLib - for web based signing - Java 8
9. FREE Online PDF Signer
There are 2 flavors of Server Version:
1.     Signer.Digital Windows Server (runs as Windows Service) with SOAP API and Desktop Console application as clients (or monitor) over intranet or internet.  This version has been evolved over last 10 years and has huge possibilities along with Realtime Auto Signing, Remote Signing, pre-processors, post-processors, workflow and SOAP API Integration; apart from all practical features required by different industries.  Who’s who in Corporate world in India and Government are using this version.
2.     Other being recently developed and security tested Webserver version.  Signer.Digital.Webserver is developed on .NET Core 3.1 and provides Rest API along with Browser based signing. Comes with UI and without UI. For web signing from web browser requirement on Linux and Ngnix, if it is not possible to integrate Signer.Digital.Weblib targating .NET Core (and .NET Standard); run the complete Signer.Digital.Webserver on the same server and can integrate with application using Rest API.  This arrangement establishes triangular communication between 1. Your Web application 2. User’s Web Browser and 3. Signer.Digital.Webserver
Kluis: Multi Tenant Cloud HSM
Kluis, Multi Tenant HSM Solution for organizations requiring high security cryptography for transactions while still managing the complexity, cost and elasticity. Kluis is a solution that enable businesses and institutions to own their HSM at the lowest cost ever in history of PKI industry. This allows users to fully manage & control HSM slots as per CCA regulations in India. Users can easily generate and use their own signing/encryption keys and also automates time consuming administrative tasks, such as hardware and software provisioning, patching and maintaining backups.